About Me

I am a Visual and Electronic Music Artist focusing on the spiritual aspects of life. For over 19 years I have been working in the digital media market and I am equipped with diversity of skill sets ranging from sound, graphic, web and video design. Currently I am involved with making meditation music and guided meditation tracks. In addition, I have composed several original songs that are for sale on iTunes that seem to be becoming popular currently.

So here is the low down on me... I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and came to San Jose, California at age 2. My father decided to leave residence in Massachusetts and start a new in California. I grew up in a town called Willow Glen and took to the arts at an early age. I attended community colleges where I took several fine art and art history courses. I began painting abstract paintings as a novice while attending college in San Jose. Later I studied film and media for the web and continued to paint abstract paintings. My first showing was at age 30 in a pub in Los Gatos, California where I sold several paintings. I continued to paint for many years and I gave away paintings to friends and family. Later in Life I got involved in making films and developing web sites for a living while residing in Concord, California. I recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where I now focus on making spiritual videos and musical compositions and publish them on my YouTube Channel.